In 2013, I began working on an on-going collage project titled Gangrene.  The collage consists of watercolor and ballpoint pen drawings cut out and adhered to vinyl. Currently, the collage stretches 42 feet long and 9 feet high and was recently selected as a juror’s pick for ArtPrize 7.


        My art, like the infection, is a collage that continues to grow organically. Gangrene presents an ambiguous visual feast that sheds light on problems vexing society such as unchecked population growth, over consumption, pollution and war that we have come to accept as the norm. The work is titled Gangrene, because similar to the condition, if left unchecked these issues will destroy us. The collage mimics an untreated wound, manifesting and devouring the vacuous space that surrounds it. The work has mainly been created in the deep south of Savannah, Georgia where gangrene devastated the combatants of the Civil War, and where the wounds of those battles remain lingering in the corners of the city’s famed burial grounds.

*Updated:: The collage has since been dissected and each work has been individually framed and up for exhibition and sale


Gangrene Collage watercolor and ballpoint pen drawings